The Swartz Report: Introducing Keith Sherman

By Donald Swartz, President

Keith ShermanIn a previous blog, I mentioned the statement, “If you’re not moving forward, you are moving backward.

In the spirit of moving forward, I am very excited to announce the hiring of Keith Sherman to our Swartz & Associates, Inc. Team (SAI). Keith provides a local presence to our expanding SAI footprint in the state of TX and its bordering states. Prior to joining SAI, Keith spent 35+ years as a marketing/advertising executive across diverse industries including Real Estate, Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Quick Service Restaurants, Travel and Tourism, Multi-Unit Franchise, Non-Profit, Telecommunications and more.

More importantly, Keith is a fellow Hawkeye and a big sports fan – can you tell if we have any similarities? 😊
I have known Keith for a long time, and we believe this is a great opportunity for both of us as we begin the process of expanding our presence in the Texas market.

Hoping to build on the success David Swartz brought to SAI this past year, Keith will offer the same attributes and business acumen to our company in his role of business development. Keith and David will be working together in the exchange of ideas and making sure SAI remains a relevant player in the review of property tax assessments.  My promise to them (and our clients) is that we will continue to provide excellent analysis, review and appeals experience with our staff and strategic partners. For the past 37 years, I have worked to earn our client’s trust, and I believe this is a major reason Keith decided to join the company.

Please join me in welcoming Keith to the SAI team. You may learn more Keith on our website and may reach him directly at .

In Other News

Although this is an “off year” in the re-assessment cycle for many states we handle properties (IA, MO, CO, etc.) there are many taxpayers who may have missed the deadline to appeal their respective valuations in 2023. In most situations, there will still be an opportunity to appeal these values for the 2024 tax year and at least attempt to ease your property tax burden until the 2025 re-assessment.

We’ve hardly finished with 2023 and I’m already discussing 2025??? Yes, indeed! As the real estate market continues to weave and bob, we are constantly assessing (no pun intended) the factors affecting real estate values and believe opportunities will continue to avail themselves in the current and upcoming valuations.

As always, I appreciate your commitment to reading my blogs – any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. You can reach me at or .

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