The Swartz Report: Ringing in the New Year with a strong addition to our team. Introducing David Swartz.

By Donald Swartz, President

Introducing David SwartzHappy New Year to everyone and I trust the year if off to a fast start! I know a popular thought to begin the new year involves New Year’s resolutions – losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, watching less television, spend more time with family… The list is extensive and if we’re honest, can be quite repetitive.

My resolution and goals heading into 2023 are simple, yet challenging. Namely, I want to think outside the box.

What does that mean? I want to find additional ways to create value for our clients and prospective clients within Indurante and Swartz; I want to create a larger footprint so more people know about our companies and services we provide; I want to become a better promoter of my companies (not necessarily my strongest asset!)

For me, thinking outside the box to accomplish these goals has been accomplished in one fell swoop.


Please say hello to David Swartz.

After 30+ years in the financial industry, working with various insurance products and wealth advisors, David has decided to join the company and focus on business development. As David says, he is both a Swartz and an associate of the company, so this seems easy and natural.

Living in Des Moines, our hope is to build on our solid foundation created over the years and grow our client base. David’s strengths match our Core Values – he is ethical, professional, entrepreneurial and client focused. (Not to mention older and wiser!) We’ll work on the expertise side together. ????

I am very excited to have him join the ranks and look forward to his presence, thoughts and energy as we get started in 2023.

Don and David Swartz

This will be a challenging and fantastic year rolled into one.

With reassessment in many states occurring in 2023; adjustments continuing in interest rates; supply chain issues easing in the rail world and many other factors presenting themselves in valuation of equipment and real estate, I believe I have already achieved the goal of thinking outside the box. Have you?

As always, I appreciate your feedback and commentary. Please email me directly at or .

To reach out to David directly – please contact him at .

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