The Swartz Report: 100 Blog Posts!!!

By Donald Swartz, President

The Swartz Report: 100 Blog Posts!!! Well… we made it! This blog represents my 100th posting since becoming convinced to share anecdotes with you eight plus years ago by my friend and LinkedIn training wizard, Jason Terry. It took me a little over one year since the start of Swartz & Associates to dip my toes in the “blogging waters” but I am so pleased I’ve made the effort to share successes, thoughts, physical struggles, COVID struggles, road trips, adventures, and anything else to let you peek into a little of my life.

What a journey and what a joy!

I hope to continue to share my thoughts with you in the coming years and know when I think I need to “zig”, I will probably do a little bit of “zag”; when I become a little too business centric, time for a personal story; when I share successes, I will be cognizant of the challenges we continually face. Most importantly, I want you to read our stories because you enjoy the content and find them meaningful to you in some way. I am very appreciative of your comments and responses and have attempted to be informative (and a little entertaining??) these past years.

End of Year

As we wind down the year, I want to thank our clients for continually letting us represent your interests in the property tax world. Whether it is commercial real estate, business equipment or private railcars, I am constantly reminded how great my respective team members are in providing excellent service for you. The staff of Indurante and Swartz are unmatched in the level of experience, professionalism, and dedication to your holdings, and I take great pleasure in seeing them be successful.

2023 has been a tremendous year for both entities, and with the pipeline filling with ongoing appeals and new clients slated to come on board in 2024, I am very excited to share more successes (fingers crossed) throughout the year.

We can always be better

As they say, if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward. I will continue to strategically look at the big picture to determine what technology components can enhance our services. Will our employee base continue to grow, and will we expand into additional markets??? If the right opportunity presents itself, we cannot be afraid to explore options.

Don and David SwartzAdding David Swartz to the group was a strategic development that has paid off handsomely for us and our clients.  Adding Micah Niimoto to our Indurante team full time has given our employees a fresh way to look at the way we prepare and analyze.

Are there risks? Absolutely, but I would like to think they are calculated, and when weighing risk vs. reward, I would not hesitate to do the same again and again.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year to everyone!

We look forward to an outstanding 2024 and, as always, if you are interested in learning more about us, please reach out to me ( / ) or any of staff. We are here to help!

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