How many times has a property owner received a business personal property declaration from their respective county; printed their most recent depreciation schedule and filled in the declaration using this schedule?

It appears this is the rule, rather than the exception.

Our business personal property analysts work closely with the taxpayer in accurately filing and minimizing the valuation placed on business personal property (in states assessing tangible equipment).

Personal Property Tax Services
Personal Property Tax Services

Our personal property compliance includes the following:

  • Annual review and timely filing of all personal property declarations
  • Review of assessment notices and tax bills
  • File of any appeals, as warranted
  • Ensure personal property valuations are minimized
  • Generally, fee-based work

Our personal property analysis includes the following:

  • Perform our market analysis including
    • Sales Comparison (Market) Approach to Value
    • Cost Approach to Value
  • Tour the property(ies) as necessary and/or warranted
  • Vast knowledge of various State’s guidelines
  • Audit Defense
  • Analyze the Client’s methodology for reporting business personal property including –
    • Perform obsolescence studies on certain assets
    • Review all inventory exemptions as applicable
    • Review pollution control aspects as applicable
    • Intangible components
    • Invoice review
    • Duplicative assets based upon a review of real estate records
    • Classification of assets to proper economic life
  • File all necessary appeals to the local level
  • Present and negotiate with the respective county assessor’s offices
  • Work with and recommend legal counsel as warranted
  • Manage portfolios with our proprietary software
  • Work closely with clients throughout the review and appeals process
  • Tax Budgeting assistance
  • Midwest focused with national presence
  • Contingent fee based
Personal Property Tax Services