The Swartz Report: The power of relationships and golf.

Relationships and GolfThere’s a saying that you can conduct quite a bit of business on the golf course. I’ve always felt there’s quite a bit of truth to this as you spend approximately four hours on the course (give or take 30 minutes ????) with one, two or three additional people. While you’re focused on your game, the actual execution of the shot and your score is a rather miniscule time frame compared to the amount of time you spend with the people in your group on the course.

What do you do with all that time?

Certainly, there is discussion about family, vacations, TV shows, possibly religion and politics but inevitably, work can be a driving force.

Now, multiply this by 3X and you have our club’s annual Member Guest Golf Event. For the past two years, I’ve invited the CFO of a long-time client. Mike enjoys knocking the ball around the course as much as I do, and this provides a great opportunity to keep the working relationship strong. More importantly, Mike has become a good friend. Three days for golf, socializing, consuming beverages of all varieties, tremendous eating and maybe a LITTLE wagering… truly another great weekend. While we were technically away from the office, it was hardly wasted time.

The opportunity to meet others during the event is also present. There is no shortage of ways to meet those in the business world, even if takes place in a social, golfing environment. I recently completed a 10-week course through the Kellogg School at Northwestern in Mastering Sales and one should never discount these functions as purely social. As an owner of a business, I am constantly in “sales mode”, even if I don’t realize it at the time. The way you interact with others; the way you carry yourself and your conduct on and off the course is noticed not only by your group but also by others. In fact, a business opportunity may have presented itself with a person I met after we concluded a match. My follow up early next week will definitely be a plan of action and who knows how this may develop.

Speaking of marketing, this week I’m attending my first in-person conference since the Pandemic began.

Business conferenceWhile a little nervous, I am fully vaccinated and conference attendees must show proof of full vaccination in order to be allowed into the various breakout sessions. I’m excited about the opportunities but definitely cognizant of the surroundings. I am completely comfortable wearing a mask in this setting and curious to see how interactions will occur as well as the number of attendees at the conference. (Sounds like a good story for the September blog!)

As always, I appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your day to read my blog. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love your feedback by posting a response or emailing me directly – or .

Enjoy the balance of your summer and a great upcoming Labor Day weekend!

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