The Swartz Report: It’s been a busy appeal season! Time to start planning for 2022.

If you are a regular reader of my blog (and THANK YOU if you are ????) you may recall I was getting ready to attend my first in-person conference since the start of the Pandemic. I attended the Cinemacon conference in Las Vegas as we have several clients in this arena. I felt it was important to be there, showing my support for not only my clients but also the industry.

Cinemacon in Las Vegas

Cinemacon in Las VegasI’ve heard many reports of conference attendance being approximately 40% of previous years’ conferences. I believe this was true for Cinemacon as well. Seeing the interaction amongst the attendees; listening to leaders in the industry discuss the future of movies; looking at the latest in technology to enhance the experience and walking through the trade show area brought back a sense of normalcy that had been missing.

Granted, you must have been fully vaccinated to pick up your credentials and you had to wear a mask throughout the day as long as you were indoors at the conference.  One advantage of a smaller turnout was the ability to freely move from exhibit to exhibit on the tradeshow floor. I found this aspect to be quite pleasant and refreshing as you weren’t fighting through crowds to get from one booth to another. And the opportunities to engage with other people were abundant.

People were genuinely interested in connecting, especially those who hadn’t been able to meet personally over the past 15+ months. Clearly, this industry has been severely affected by the Coronavirus, yet most were discussing ideas and plans to move past this and had both eyes set on the future.

I will be attending another conference in Las Vegas next month and will be interested to compare the two. This upcoming conference has members who have definitely thrived during the pandemic and I would like to contrast and compare the industries and the attendees to determine if there is a difference in the pace and feel of the conference compared to my experience in August.

As the day gets shorter, it can only mean one thing – Planning Meetings for 2022

Time to start planning for 2022!It’s hard to believe we’ve almost completed the 3rd quarter of 2021. As someone mentioned to me the other day, the days are long but the weeks are short. HOW TRUE… This has been a very busy appeal season. I’ve scheduled our planning meetings for both Swartz and Indurante in the coming weeks.

How did we do this year? What could we have done better, more efficient, more transparent? Have we effectively communicated with our clients?  Are we keeping pace on the technology front? And finally, what does 2022 have in store for us and our clients?

I feel very good about our products and services for both companies, but we can always be better. As we move forward to 2022, our opportunities to expand and take care of our clients will continue to be at the forefront.

As a service provider, I want to make sure we are putting the needs of our clients first. If we’re successful in doing this, the rest will take care of itself.  These planning days are good for the group as it’s our chance to examine our processes and focus on implementing strategies that have previously been discussed. I always look forward to these meetings and look back at notes from the previous year to determine what has worked and what continues to need improvement.

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