The Swartz Report: Another road trip? We thought we were finished!

The Swartz Report: Another Road TripHappy Summer everyone. I hope the season is treating you well and you are taking advantage of this time to travel, vacation and/or relax.  For those of you who regularly follow my writing, you may recall the road trips with my daughter as she would get ready to attend another year of college. After graduation, one would have thought those opportunities would be gone… No more World’s Largest Golf Tee or Wind Chime; various universities in our path back East; the Flight 93 memorial, the total eclipse. Great times and great memories.

Just when you thought it was over, grad school, here we come!

And even crazier, how about both kids attending the same school? I would have never imagined my two children (let alone, one) attending Syracuse University, but low and behold, my son will be a senior this fall and my daughter commenced the one year graduate program July 6th. So, luckily for me (and you ????) another road trip was tackled.

Miriam and DonLunch in Hannibal, MO; a visit to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL and dinner with a few college buddies rounded out Day 1. Notre Dame and lunch with a friend (living in South Bend) of Miriam’s from her Lafayette College days highlighted Day 2, although dinner in Erie, PA was surprisingly excellent and our accommodations in Buffalo were outstanding.

A heartfelt thank you to my client, Shaner Hotel Group for providing a room downtown, while the Toronto Blue Jays were playing in their “home” stadium. (Learn more about Shaner Hotel Group at

The trip was fast and easy other than a few thunderstorms we seemed to continually catch and drive through! Of particular interest was the number of wind farms and turbines we were exposed to as well as the number of client’s properties we passed along the way. I’m half tempted to write off the mileage. If only I would’ve stopped in on the multiple locations for “site visits” – maybe next time.

Again, it takes trips like these to realize and appreciate the vast and varied portfolio of properties we represent. Seeing their signs and locations continually humbles me and I’m so appreciative of their support and confidence in trusting us for the property tax needs.

Notre Dame Wind Farm

Notre Dame on the left, Wind Farm on the right

Finally, a quick thank you for those who reached out on the two year “anniversary” of my accident. Things are going well and the day practically passed without me thinking about the date. Hopefully next year, and the years following, July 9 will be just another day.

We will keep representing the interests of taxpayers to ensure they’re paying their fair share.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please share by responding to the blog. You may also reach me directly at .


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