The Swartz Report: We appreciate stable and predictable, but change is constant.

Change is ConstantAs we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I went back and reviewed my previous blogs and naturally, they focused on things I’ve been thankful for over the past year. If you’re a regular reader of my monthly blog, I feel I wrote my “thanksgiving” blog back in July following my unfortunate accident. While it’s never redundant to continue to express my thanks to so many, I thought I would change the tone of this November’s thoughts.


I am approaching my 34th year in the review of property tax valuations, so I would like to believe I’m predictable and stable. However, within this career, change has been a constant theme. Working for a national firm; then going out on my own; then merging my practice with a regional accounting firm which was ultimately bought out by a publicly held entity and finally, buying my practice back from the firm. Employees hired and employees retired; economic recessions and economic booms – change is constant.

Throughout the years, my clients have stayed with me and followed the not so straight path. In my July blog, I thanked my family, friends, employees and community. Now it’s my turn to thank my clients. Some have been clients for 20+ years, others recently coming on board. My goal is to treat all of you with respect and it’s my hope and intent we put forth our best effort in representing your interests.


Again, if you’re a follower of my blog through the years, I spend a significant amount of time discussing my family. Whether vacations, sporting events or road trips to college, they are special to me and I opened our family to your welcoming arms.

Well, now my youngest has turned 20 and this has had a bigger impact than I anticipated. Turning 40, 45, 50 and now 55 were not issues for me, but having my youngest turn 20, yikes!!! It is fine for me to get older, but my kids? No way! Of course the flip side is seeing them growing up and maturing into adults which brings immense joy and pride.


With the acquisition of Indurante + Associates a little over a year ago, I was confident we could achieve success, but a little worried about such different entities and geographic differences. Thanks to today’s world (computing, smart phones, travel capabilities and other nuances) the ability to grow both entities is succeeding. Taking advantage of the technology afforded us would be a footnote without staff motivated to share in the success. I’ve seen our staff grow and take on added responsibilities, while continuing to forge relationships with clients as we approach the next decade. This effort will only make us stronger as a whole and I eagerly await the 2020 year!

Happy Thanksgiving to all – I’m thankful I have the opportunity to continue to share my thoughts with you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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