The Swartz Report: Waking up in the Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital.

Well, well, well… I had all these great ideas about this month’s blog; all the uncertainly surrounding the new valuations in Jackson County, MO; Nebraska appeals for June 30th; CO appeals as part of the bi-annual reassessment; 10th months into the new acquisition of Indurante & Associates, Inc. etc, etc…

Instead, life threw a curve ball at me while I was out visiting my office in Las Vegas.

I was there to visit my office and also connect with my longtime close friend, Joel Glass. Joel is a senior executive with the Orlando Magic and was with the team as part of the NBA Summer League. My goal was to work in the morning and spend the afternoons and evenings watching players attempt to make themselves worthy of an NBA roster spot. Monday went according to plan and we had a great day. Up close and personal with Bill Self, seeing Roy Williams and a variety of other college coaches as well as a quick look at future impact players in the League.

Tuesday morning, July 9th changed my life course.

Waking up in the hospitalI hired an Uber from my hotel to take me to my office. Along the way, we were hit by a car that chose to ignore a red light. Our car was significantly damaged and I remember nothing of the incident. The next thing I remember is waking up at some point on Thursday, July 11th in the Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital.

Karen (who had flown in late Tuesday night) and Joel were in the room. I suffered some fairly serious injuries and two plus weeks later, I am finally back in Kansas City… several broken ribs, a broken right clavicle, separated shoulder, a fracture in my spine and a partially collapsed lung.

But that’s not the best part of the story….

People say I’m lucky, and you know what? I am lucky. I’m lucky to be a part of a wonderful community. A community that cares about others and is willing to do anything, ANYTHING, to help me and my family.

Waking up in the hospitalI’m lucky to have grade school friends check in from all across the country to see how I am doing. Texts, phone calls, emails – they were coming in fast and furious.

But that’s just getting started –  the number of friends we have met over the years; the Pembroke Community, the Jewish Community, the Oakwood Community, the Greater Kansas City community and all across the county (thru business connections and friendships), offers of support have flooded in.  It is truly unbelievable and actually overwhelming.

Hillary Clinton indicated, “It takes a Village” and she’s absolutely right. But it is more than taking a village to raise a child, it takes a village to learn what’s important in life. The presence of family and friends drives this point home and I will never take any of you for granted.


My goal is to reach out to everyone over the next several months and offer a personal thank you, but let me start by recognizing my “first responders”.

To my employees at Swartz + Associates, Inc. and Indurante & Associates, Inc. thank you for keeping things together and making the work seamless while checking on my well-being. I will continue to lean on you and have all the confidence now that we will continue to be successful.

To all of you who have reached out to offer your small part, thank you for the kind gestures. Whether providing meals, a car ride, a book to read or a place to stay, believe me when I say it is not unnoticed and greatly appreciated.

To all of our friends who have reached out with calls of support, messages, encouragement or just to listen – thank you so much. My heart is filled with joy (even if it is protected by broken ribs!)

And of course, my family.

My family, immediate and extended (including Joel) has been awesome. Daily calls to see how I am doing; securing travel plans back to Kansas City and just the overall love and support you have provided, truly unbelievable.

My kids, (who I promised I will be okay) have been great throughout the process, offering their encouragement in ways only children can and of course…

My wife, Karen. The love of my life. I can’t imagine any of this without her by my side. Taking the requisite notes, asking the questions of the doctors, making appointments, talking to the insurance companies, making sure I take the appropriate deep breaths and am constantly positioned correctly. 🙂

Mix that in with the world of law, and it’s just another day! HA!!!

I am fortunate to have each and every one of you in my life and I’m better for it. If ever you believe you don’t make a difference, you are 100% wrong. Everyone makes a difference and I am happy to convince you of that fact. My road to recovery is getting started and I want you to be sure to know you are a big part of the process.

Until next time… and yes, I appreciate the fact that there will be a next time.

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  1. John Stegner
    John Stegner says:

    Mr. Swartz,

    Just a note of encouragement. Thank you for sharing, on a continual basis, the important things in life. I appreciate the fact, that regardless of your circumstances, which were bad, and unexpected, you personally chose, to look at the better things.
    Never underestimate the difference, you can make in others lives.


  2. Doc Schneider
    Doc Schneider says:

    What a harrowing but uplifting story. This is Doc Schneider, who was on the faculty at the IADC Trial Academy with Karen in 2016. I send my best wishes for a speedy recovery — and given your positive attitude and embracing this wonderful life, I predict a record-breaking time. With best regards, Doc Schneider

  3. Patricia Macdonald
    Patricia Macdonald says:

    Don, blessings abound. I am so very sorry to learn today about this major bump in the road for you, Karen Aaron, Miriam and all in your family but, at the same time, so glad to know you are HERE to write about it.

    Prayers going up for speedy and gentle healing this point forward.

    All it takes is a call and I’m there to help in any way needed.

    Pat M.


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