The Swartz Report: Back in the Office and Celebrating Work Anniversaries

Don Swartz

Don Swartz

Well, it’s been just over 6 weeks since the accident and I thought I would provide an update of what has transpired since my last commentary. After I returned from Las Vegas, a CT scan was performed to determine the extent of the fluid build-up around my left lung. The scan was performed on a Friday afternoon in advance of my Monday appointment with the pulmonologist. I received a call on Saturday morning from the doctor requesting I meet him at the emergency room.

The doctor determined the large mass compressing my left lung had to be reduced. Over two liters of blood had surrounded my left lung and needed to be drained immediately. A chest tube was inserted and the fluid was quickly removed. However, I spent the next ten days (Sept. 27 – Aug 5th) in the hospital while the doctors monitored the large amounts fluid being continuously produced around the lung area.

Back in the Office

Over the past two weeks, I have started returning to the office for a few hours each day, spending the balance of the time working remotely from my home office. I continue to thank my clients, employees and friends for their patience and understanding as well as their encouragement. It certainly makes “work” seem like pleasure as opposed to being on my back all day. Next week I will meet with my shoulder specialist and my spine specialist. If everything looks in order, the back brace and arm sling will be a thing of the past by Labor Day weekend. I look forward to seeing the new “normal”.

Speaking of work, it is amazing the number of things you do in a day to keep a business running that seem so ordinary and second nature. However, when you are out of the day to day activity for several weeks, it feels like a mountain to climb.

Emails to respond to, telephone messages to return, payables to cover and receivables to collect (and invoices to issue ????). While I truly appreciate my staff at both Swartz + Associates and Indurante & Associates, there are tasks as a small business owner I have always had the sole responsibility to manage and complete. The accident has taught me an important lesson – no matter how much you believe you delegate, there is always room to improve.

In many respects it is like watching your children grow and take on more responsibility. They will make mistakes but as long as they learn from them and handle the outcomes (good or bad), as a parent, that is everything you can ask for. I believe the same principles apply to an organization and I must allow my employees the opportunities to grow personally and professionally within the business.

As a nice segue to discuss opportunities, David Sukenik recently celebrated his third anniversary with the company.

David Sukenik

David Sukenik

How are we celebrating this work anniversary? David and I have decided he will be moving to Las Vegas and joining my team there. He will continue to work with his existing clients and review property tax assessments. Additionally, we are in the process of a major software system upgrade that will create greater efficiencies for our railcar clientele. This was one of my major goals after acquiring Indurante & Associates last September and having David agree to be a part of this upgrade is a great step for him as well as for the companies.

Did I mention he is from southern California? Being closer to his family does not hurt the cause, either. I know he will continue to thrive in this new capacity and look forward to seeing what the future holds. If you have commercial property in the Southwest, we may be in a position to better suit your needs than we have in previous years.

As always, I appreciate your business and continued support. If you are in need of property tax support, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation. Or, if you need a few ideas on how to pass the time recovering from injuries, I have a few thoughts on that as well ????

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