The Swartz Report: NYC, Celebrating 9 Years and Filing Deadlines

NYC, Celebrating 9 Years and Filing DeadlinesToo often in our busy world, we get so caught up in our work activities, we can lose sight of the important things in our lives. In my previous blog, I mentioned several appeal deadlines we were working to complete for both the Indurante and Swartz companies.

New York City for Mother’s Day

Last week, my wife and I were able to get away for Mother’s Day weekend to visit our kids in NYC. Miriam is currently working in a 2-year fellowship with the New York/New Jersey Port Authority and Aaron is employed by Syracuse University in the Admissions Office. Although we were based on the Jersey side (as Miriam is living in Jersey City) it was unbelievable to me that our commute into the City was significantly shorter than my drive to the office! Jersey City and Hoboken offer spectacular views of the skyline and there is elbow room to spare.

If ever there was an opportunity to recharge the batteries, this was indeed the weekend. Perfect weather, great food, Ellis Island, spending time with our children and their friends – truly a reset in our work/life balance.

NYC, Celebrating 9 Years and Filing Deadlines NYC, Celebrating 9 Years and Filing Deadlines

Consider this blog a break from the ordinary as well!

It is very gratifying to visit your adult children and see them thriving in their professional capacity. This is especially true when they are long distances away and the chances to visit them on “their turf” are infrequent at best. To be able to have engaging conversations about a variety of topics is special, but knowing they still ask for our opinions on the way to handle/treat certain issues is particularly rewarding.

As parents, we will always be concerned about their well being and do whatever we can to help them succeed, but it is fun to watch them spread their wings independently.

But work/life balance does indeed have a work side… ????

NYC, Celebrating 9 Years and Filing Deadlines

Filing Deadlines

Iowa appeals are taking place as of this writing and will continue through the first week in June; KS informal results are just starting to come in; CO filing deadline has been pushed back to June 8th and we are still waiting for Jackson County, MO commercial values to be issued (July 10 deadline).

Railcar filings are almost complete with two remaining states to be filed and property tax bills due by April 30th have been all been submitted for payment. (I’m tired just thinking about this!)

Nine Year Anniversary of Swartz & Associates!

Enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. June 1st will mark the 9-year anniversary of Swartz & Associates. Talk about work/life balance??? Unbelievable!

As always, I appreciate your comments and thoughts – and  

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