The Swartz Report: Ducks on a Pond. Serene Above. Churning Below.

By Donald Swartz, President

Ducks on a Pond This past weekend,  my wife and attended a wedding in Winter Park, CO. During the brief time we were in the mountains, we were subjected to rain, snow, sunshine, wind, significant temperature swings and the all important tire pressure change from 40 lbs to 23 lbs in a matter of hours!

I mention these aspects because we knew these various possibilities may exist (okay – maybe the tire gauge pressure threw me for a loop????) and we were able to adapt to the current situations. Winds on the mountain summit for the ceremony? No problem, winter jackets in tow. Rain and snow as we strolled the area? Good thing we had our umbrellas. Sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, sweatshirts??? BINGO!

So, what does this have to do with Swartz and Indurante?

Ducks on a PondActually, there are many parallels. States moving from paper filings to electronic filings; appeal deadlines seemingly occurring every week whether they are county deadlines or deadlines to appeal decisions further to State Boards or Commissions; long tenured clients expanding their existing portfolios for us to review; and expanding our services to include residential reviews this year based upon 30-100% increases in their residential valuations.

The issues facing us in 2023 are unlike any we have seen in the past 15 years, but the underlying theme remains the same – we must have adaptability.

I am fortunate to have employees who have been with the two companies for several years and have the experience necessary to roll with variables and handle them swiftly and efficiently. Hopefully our clients view us as a duck on a pond. They have the confidence in our abilities to get their filings done accurately, ensure appeals are filed on time and most importantly, that we can deliver quality results, ultimately measured by minimizing their respective property tax liabilities. Our clients see this duck gliding smoothly on the water.

Underneath, I have the pleasure of watching the webbed feet churn – and churn we do! Constantly adapting to the present situations and deriving solutions to our client’s needs.

Ducks on a PondThe days are going to continue to race by as more deadlines approach. Rain or shine, we will be there to help!

Please contact us if you are concerned about any upcoming deadlines or how we can assist you and/or your company in the minimization of property tax valuations.  As always, please email me at or

Have a great summer.  We look forward to representing your interests.

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