The Swartz Report: Investing in People and Public Radio

Welcome 2021! And let’s just say, we’re hitting the ground running. We’ve implemented a couple of strategies for the start of the year and we’re already seeing positive results.

Investing in Public Radio

Public RadioIn December, the company invested in our first “marketing” strategy by investing in local public radio. To be honest, I am completely amazed at the response we’ve received over the past 45 days. Countless emails, text messages and phone calls from individuals that heard our 10 second “sponsorship”. With no set times (slots are randomly selected by a computer algorithm) the spot could be heard any time from 5am-9pm each day of the week. This was so successful, we’ve decided to reach out to Nevada Public Radio with the same messaging, as we are trying to create a Swartz + Associates, Inc. presence in the Las Vegas area to compliment the Indurante railcar work.

We thought this would be important as Nevada has one of the earliest appeal deadlines (January 15th) and believe the commercial real estate market has been affected significantly due to the pandemic.

The response has been beyond expectations with over 30 new properties under review for this year. Depending on the results of the impending hearings, we will definitely increase the marketing budget as it relates to radio. A special thank you to Ron Yurman, Director of Business Development in Kansas City at KCUR 89.3. If you’re interested in learning how they can be of benefit to your company, you may reach him at .

Investing in People – Dan Slattery

Dan SlatteryThe second investment made at the start of the year involves the engagement of a technology officer to support both entities.

Meet Dan Slattery. Dan has been involved with IT management for most of his professional career, including 10+ years in a Senior Manager or Director role with Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation. In 2018, he founded Engaged Innovation as a technology consulting firm. We connected through Engaged Innovation, employed the company to review the Indurante business and haven’t looked back.

Learn more about Dan Slattery here.

We have been working with Dan over the past 18 months in the creation of Railmarx, our proprietary software used exclusively for Indurante clients in our property tax service for owners of private railcars. Dan and his team have worked very closely with the Indurante associates as well as several members of Swartz + Associates. Over this time, he has learned a tremendous amount about the companies and will bring C-Level thinking (strategic long term, as well as immediate improvements to the day-to-day operations) which will benefit not only our companies, but more importantly, our clients. I am excited to have him be considered a part of our group and look forward to the opportunities we will be able to present to our clients in the future.

Stay tuned… we’ve been discussing a couple of ideas which could have a significant positive impact to clients and future clients!

Looking Ahead

2021 should be our busiest year in the last 10 years and I am confident we are making the correct investments in technology and employees to insure we continue to meet the needs of our clients.

As always, I appreciate your feedback. You may contact me via email, ; or reply to this blog on my respective websites – or

Happy New Year to everyone – May 2021 bring good health, safety and joy to all!

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