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The Swartz Report: College Road Trips and Happy Holidays

Road Trip and Happy HolidaysThis past week, my daughter and I embarked on a road trip not experienced since her college days where the two of us spent time getting her back to campus at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may remember our many unplanned stops; the world’s largest golf tee and wind chime come to mind, as well as several stops at various college campuses along the way. Her senior year trip included a stop off I-70 in a rest area to view the total eclipse (spectacular, if you remember.) Ah, those were the days! Unfortunately, college graduation came and the real world settled into place.

While the Covid pandemic has been stressful for all, an economic burden to most, health crisis to millions and a noticeable change in our social behavior, it did provide an opportunity for another Father-Daughter road trip. This time, we flew to the DC area, picked up her car (which had been in her underground parking lot since last spring) and drove back to Kansas City, as she will continue to work remotely until June. The drive did not disappoint as we spent two days through the mountains of western Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky; the plowed fields of Indiana and Illinois and finally, listening to our beloved Chiefs as we trekked across I-70 in Missouri. (Not the most scenic for sure, so the Chiefs offered an excellent distraction ????)

Road Trip and Happy Holidays Road Trip and Happy Holidays

The Scenic Highway 68 through West Virginia put us within 2,000 feet of the Pennsylvania border and the views were terrific, even in December. We can only imagine what the scenery would be in the fall with the changing colors. Stops in Morgantown to see the University of West Virginia and in Lexington to visit the University of Kentucky were only modified by the aspect of not leaving the car, so we drove around the respective campuses. This was relatively easy since there were no students and effectively no traffic!

Road Trip and Happy HolidaysThis was also an opportunity to connect with my daughter as a non-student.
No excitement or fear of the upcoming school year, just conversations about life; the boring (finances, car repairs, the future…) and not so boring (food, music and friends).  The two days passed quickly and I look forward to the next opportunity (but not if it is caused by another Pandemic!)

Thank You

As we wrap up another year, I again thank you for your friendship, loyalty and trust in me as well as my employees. I mentioned on a phone call to one of my clients that when all is said and done, we are service providers. We do not have a tangible product to touch, smell, see, hear or taste, but you do see our passion, concern and dedication to our clients. Hopefully that’s a differentiator for us. My goal is to insure we maintain this enthusiasm as we work together in 2021.

As always, I appreciate your feedback. You may contact me via email, ; or reply to this blog on my respective websites – www.swartzandassociates.com or www.indurantetax.com.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

May 2021 bring good health, safety and joy to all.


Swartz and Associates - Happy Holidays

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