The Swartz Report: Fully Vaccinated and fully charged!

Fully Vaccinated and Fully Charged!On April 29th, my family and I completed our second round of vaccinations. After the recommended two-week waiting period, we’re ready to socialize!  Whether work related, social or a combination of the two, I am very excited to GO and DO.

Since I began my professional career in 1986, travel has been a constant component in my life. Work has always had an element of travel as I frequently would travel at least once a month. After the acquisition of Indurante, my travel increased from between two to five days per month. Factor in the Swartz + Associates travel; visits to my children at their respective schools, conferences and vacations –  GOING and DOING have long been ingrained in me.

These last 15 months have been challenging in many respects, but what I (and others) couldn’t completely comprehend was how much we enjoy being with others. Meeting with clients, dining out with friends, attending events and seeing my employees in Las Vegas (as well as Kansas City, since we have been working remotely for the most part) are a big part of my personality.

The time has finally come to get back at it!

With my full vaccination and the relaxation of the CDC guidelines, the calendar is filling up quickly. This week, St. Louis; next week, Las Vegas to visit my office and discuss the recently completed filing season. Royals games beginning in June; a family wedding in July. For those regular readers of my blog, another road trip with my daughter to take her to graduate school (look for the next edition of my “Traveling with Miriam” blog in July ????) Additionally, we’re trying to create weekend getaways and my EO Forum retreat is scheduled for August.

So much pent-up enthusiasm and excitement, I’m bursting at the seams to get started. However, don’t mistake this energy with a lack of commitment to the process. I will still wear my mask in recommended places. I will still be respectful of others and I will do my part to encourage people of all ages to “trust the science!”

Please do your part as well to make this pandemic a thing of the past. If we participate in the process and be cognizant of the surroundings, our “new” normal will be soon become our normal without the “new”.

Work continues to be extremely busy with property tax appeals dominating the next 90 days and I will share my work aspects in next month’s thoughts. Thank you for continuing to share this journey with me.

As always, I appreciate your support and your readership.
– Don Swartz

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