The Swartz Report: Congratulations and Well Done to 2022 Graduates

If you are a regular reader of my monthly blogging, you know that I try to provide you with a little personal insight by sharing family events that have taken place since I first started contributing in 2014. While I try to mix in a little “work tonic”, this month’s blog is all personal!

Syracuse UniversityPreviously, I have regaled about fantastic road adventures with my daughter, commencing the start of another year of college. Well, the college portion of my writing will soon be coming to an end as we celebrated the graduation of my son, earning a double major in communications and business from the Newhouse and Whitman Schools at Syracuse. Throw in a side of a Master’s in Pubic Affairs from the Maxwell School (also from Syracuse) for my daughter and I’m practically bleeding Orange!

2022 Graduates 2022 Graduates

As parents, we could not be more proud of the accomplishments our children have achieved at this juncture of their lives. The educations they have received; the friends they have met and stay connected with and the lasting bonds of deep friendships they’re sure to experience in future years – truly a wild wave of emotions for all.

Our kids may be saddened to say good-bye to all of their friends they’ve met at school. But we, as parents, are also experiencing an emotional swing as well. Reminiscing about our first days of “college drop off”; becoming empty nesters; respective parent’s weekends; holiday breaks; summer vacations and now, seeing them cross the podium – Whew, I have to admit, it was hard to see clearly with the tears blocking my view.???? However, it’s comforting to know there are graduates all across the country who are compelled to make this world a better place. I’m energized, knowing we will be in good hands with the next generation.

To Aaron, Miriam and to all recent graduates, I say, “Congratulations and Well Done!” You’ve earned the right and opportunity to make your voices heard and to put your talents to good use. I cannot wait to share the next chapter of your lives with you.

2022 Graduates 2022 Graduates 2022 Graduates

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