Zoom, Virtual Roundtables and the Human Condition

One month has passed since I last posted my blog. To say these last 31 days have been interesting, would not do justice to any sort of definition of “interesting”. Unique, unprecedented, unparalleled…. All terms researched that could easily take its place.

I know this has dominated the airwaves and it’s hard to focus on anything else. How does a company effectively continue to operate while living in a new world of social distancing? I believe we are all learning as we go; trial and error with a healthy dose of common sense as our guide.

Virtual Roundtable

Virtual RoundtableToday, I participated in virtual roundtable discussion sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.  This one hour conference via Zoom, consisted of 68 small business owners (or high level decision makers within their respective companies).

The concept was to share ideas and concerns with other businesses in the community having the similar issues; relief funding, PPP applications, working with your banker; employee morale and many others. The idea was to share challenges and what employers are doing to overcome them as well as offering successes and ways to encourage employees to get away from the “groundhog day” concept, which many are falling victim and can easily become a pattern to slip into day after day. Conversation was lively and the “chat room” was filled with questions and suggestions for us to implement.

Zoom is a fascinating tool I am using on a regular basis.

Zoom MeetingsWhile I had heard of this before the pandemic, it was something I would “look into” when I had the time to research. Well, things can change in an instant, and I am a believer now. The ability to see and communicate with each employee is much more powerful than a phone call.  Weekly meetings with the Kansas City office on Mondays and the Las Vegas office on Thursdays has provided much needed energy.

Additionally, it allows each of us to see the emotional aspect of working remotely, where a phone call may not.

I have been a user of Zoom for both business and social aspects and the results have been extremely positive for my personal well-being. Seeing your employees maintaining a positive outlook while working from their personal residences is a very powerful picture for an owner. Connecting with clients and friends for a virtual lunch, dinner or “happy hour” is equally important for my social well being and I plan to have several more in the upcoming weeks.

Many of our clients are hurting right now and these next several months will be very challenging for them. My goal is to stay connected not only on a professional level, but a personal level, if warranted. We should not feel we are simply property tax consultants but we are friends with, and in many cases, long histories of working together. We know each other’s stories and celebrate successes. I want my clients to know we are still there for them, looking out for their bests interests while remaining compassionate. This is where relationships are cemented and we plan to be here, assisting where and when possible.

Stay Strong and stay healthy.

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