The Swartz Report: Vegas, here we come!

Las VegasNext week, I will be taking my first business trip out of town since the beginning of the pandemic. While Zoom and Microsoft Meetings have been incredibly useful, and being able to see others is an effective alternative to the usual conference call, there are simply things not easily replicated when we meet face to face. So, next week, I will be traveling back to Las Vegas to meet with my employees of Indurante (as well as Swartz + Associates, Inc. since David Sukenik has been in the office just over a year).

Year End Planning

We are set to have our year end planning meeting and it is important I see everyone and really get an idea of how they are doing. While the work has been seamless and our touches with clients have earned positive responses, not being with them on a monthly basis has had an impact on me. I want to be with them to experience what is going on. Is the Las Vegas office handling the pandemic the same way we are handling things in Kansas City? I will soon find out and looking forward to sharing time with them in settings lasting more than one hour.

However, things will be different – rather than staying at my favorite hotel on the Strip, we will be meeting in a VRBO I have secured for our time there. The planning meeting will take place at the rental unit with breakfast, lunch and dinner mixed in at the location. Our planning meeting will take on a second role as a “team building” meeting which may also include table tennis (or for the casual player, ping pong ????); pool and outdoor grilling. Honestly, I am very excited about this trip and look forward to the responses I receive from everyone.

Indurante Logo

The New Indurante Website is Live!

Speaking of Las Vegas, our initial website for Indurante is now up and running! While it will remain a work in process as we continue to add features, we are heading in the right direction and the website will tie nicely to our software programming and database development. Please visit our Indurante website – to learn more about our railcar expertise and our local employees.

Big things are on the horizon for Indurante and having our Swartz + Associates presence in Las Vegas will provide an avenue for those with locally assessed commercial/industrial properties to now have representation for property tax appeals. Taxpayers in Nevada, and particularly Clark County, will have options for our local office to review and analyze business personal property and real estate assessments. This is very rewarding for me and I believe we can have an immediate impact assisting owners of commercial/industrial properties.

Thank you for your continued interest in our companies – As always, please reach out to me with any questions or comments.      OR   

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