The Swartz Report: Valuation Notices and Go Time

This weekend, my family is all together to celebrate my Aunt’s 90th birthday. As we get older, we certainly appreciate these opportunities and cherish the our times for good reasons; birthdays, weddings,  etc. When I was much younger, it always felt like we were getting together for events and I thought, “do we have to see everyone, again?” Of course, I wasn’t serious but I didn’t have the correct perspective on the importance of these celebrations.

Now, with kids on the east coast and nieces, nephews and other family members scattered across the country, we circle the calendar for these celebrations where we can meet, tell stories and hear of great tales. Such is the case this weekend. Congratulations, Aunt Kay, we are so happy to be a part of the weekend.

Don and Family Don and Family Don and Family

My wife and I always say we work hard so we can play hard to be able to attend such events. Well, now it’s that time of year to work hard!

Go TimeValuation Notices

  • Valuation notices were just issued this week in Johnson County, Kansas and the remainder of the counties will be issuing their notices at the end of the month.
  • Colorado, Iowa and Missouri have the opportunity to reassess real estate in 2019 for the next 2 years. It is safe to assume valuations are not decreasing.
  • Additionally, business personal property filing deadlines are quickly approaching with Michigan, New Mexico, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado.
  • Include our railcar filings for the first time since acquiring Indurante & Associates, Inc. and it is truly GO TIME.

I wouldn’t have it any other way and feel good knowing we have the experienced staff that has gone through the process several times over the years.

Below I have listed a few upcoming deadlines that may have relevance to you if you own property in these states.

State                Personal Property Deadline           Real Estate Deadline

Kansas            March 15                                             March 13 – (commercial) Johnson Cty | March 31 – remaining KS Counties

Missouri         March 1                                                3rd Monday in June

Oklahoma      March 15                                             Generally in June

Iowa                Not applicable – Exempt                 April 30

Colorado        April 15                                               May 31

Nebraska       May 1                                                   June 30

Arkansas       May 1                                                   Varies

I listed these deadlines last year and found this to be helpful for many of the readers.

We welcome the opportunity to represent your interests and look forward to working with our clients for another appeal season. Thank you for continuing to put your trust in Swartz + Associates.

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