The Swartz Report: So Many Things to be Thankful For in 2021

Thankful in 2021As we enjoy the Thanksgiving break, I wanted to take this opportunity to again identify the things I am thankful for and appreciate the support we have received this past year.

My Father

First and foremost – Happy birthday to my father, who turned 90 years young last week. We were able to celebrate the event with him and the senior community; a little party, a great dinner and as a bonus, attending an exciting college basketball game. Extremely thankful for my parents and the guidance they’ve provided in helping me become the parent/person I am today.

Happy 90th Birthday to Don's Father Happy 90th Birthday to Don's Father Happy 90th Birthday to Don's Father

Our Clients

I am continually thankful for the relationships we’ve developed with our clients and the trust they have shown in allowing both companies (Swartz and Indurante) to successfully represent their property tax matters. Since purchasing my company back from CBIZ/MHM in 2014, as well as acquiring Indurante & Associates in 2018, we continue to represent our clients in a positive and professional manner – the comments received from our client base reinforce the acquisition decisions.

Our Team

I remain thankful for my staff, who continues to push forward by reviewing ideas and concepts to support our clients. As certain sectors of the real estate market are being re-imagined; use of railcars and machinery and equipment go through the ebbs and flows of use and capacity, we do our best to stay on top of things by following the market trends. These ideas are often presented to the various governmental jurisdictions we work with and I believe our clients know we are constantly representing their best interests.

My Family

Finally, I am most thankful for my family. As my kids (although grown adults ????) and wife continue to excel in their endeavors, be it work, college or graduate school, they continually make me young at heart and are supportive of my work and goals. As longtime readers of my blogs know, I have had a few challenges over the past years, but feel I’m as strong as I have been in several years.

Looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and I’m excited to continue the journey, putting our clients’ needs first!

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or with any questions.

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