The Swartz Report: Name Recognition, Appeal Deadlines, March Madness and More!

By Donald Swartz, President

Name Recognition, Appeal Deadlines, March Madness and More!Earlier this month, my Director of the Indurante office and I attended the Rail Equipment Finance Conference in Palm Springs. This was our first time attending the event and it did not disappoint.

High level executives from all sectors of the rail industry were in attendance and the days were full of insightful information; networking opportunities and terrific receptions in the evening. While attendance exceeded 400 people, it was clear this group is a fairly tight fraternity with very few “degrees of separation”.

Indurante Name Recognition

Most interestingly to me was the fact that our company name (our brand identity) was well known among the conference attendees. In a business world of practicing and perfecting your “elevator speech” concerning your business, I was extremely surprised by the number of people who said, “Oh, Indurante? I know your services!” This occurred countless times over the conference and is a tremendous credit to Pete Indurante, who built the business with his years and years of experience and expertise.

Hopefully, I have picked up a few things over the 4 ½ years since purchasing the company. But make no mistake, the Indurante name carried a significant amount of weight during the conference. I am extremely proud of our employees, who continue to represent the name and service we provide with professionalism and tremendous efficiency. I am excited to attend next year and plan to make this an annual “must do”.

Name Recognition, Appeal Deadlines, March Madness and More!

Swinging into Spring

Name Recognition, Appeal Deadlines, March Madness and More!It’s that time of year and things are busy, busy, busy – Indurante is in the middle of filing season, preparing thousands of property tax declarations in the various states that private railcars are passing through.

On the Swartz side, the Kansas appeal deadline is rapidly approaching and the Iowa valuation notices will be out by the end of the month. As this is a reassessment year, taxpayers will have a very tight window to appeal the valuation of their property if they believe the value is excessive. Iowa taxpayers will have until May 1 to appeal their new valuations received with the next real opportunity to review in March of 2025! After Iowa, we roll right into Missouri, Colorado and Nebraska (not to mention all the other states we work where our clients own property.)

After 35+ years of being involved in this, one would think I’ve seen it all. Hardly! I am as anxious and excited as I have ever been. The dynamic changes occurring in the valuation world only add fuel to the fire and challenge the way we look at assessments and force us to broaden our horizons. We must continue to be thinking “outside the box” to assist our clients.

March Madness

Name Recognition, Appeal Deadlines, March Madness and More!Of course, adding to this “madness” is March Madness. As I go back and review my March blogs from previous years, there are two things that remain woefully consistent. My predictions about my Hawkeyes making it to the Sweet Sixteen and the reality that they don’t. ???? At least the Iowa women are in the round of 16 and they’ve been a joy to watch!

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and please, do not hesitate to reach out as we are here for you! or .

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