The Swartz Report: Indurante & Associates Update and the New Normal

Indurante & Associates Update and the New NormalIn preparing for this month’s update, I reviewed my August 2019 blog for a little inspiration. I found many of the things I presented following my accident to be true today in the midst of a pandemic. The focus being holding your employees accountable and having them taking on more responsibility.  This may be true even more so than a year ago.

Although our offices are open, employees have the option of working remotely and several are taking advantage of this opportunity. We’ve seen increased efficiency and fewer distractions, but this comes at the expense of lack of social interaction within the offices and reliance to be a self-starter. While some can handle working alone, many enjoy coming to the office, working in an office environment and may even appreciate a little nudging or prodding along the way. Additionally, having an extra set of eyes to review documents and appeals can be very helpful.

I am certainly enjoying the aspects of working remotely, but this could be a direct correlation to this coinciding with spring and summer. I wonder if my thoughts will change as the days get cooler and shorter? Will we be able to effectively implement marketing strategies and long-term goals in this type of environment or does the daily interaction help support the big picture? These are things that keep me awake at night and I would be interested if anyone would like to share their thoughts and what they are seeing in their respective workplaces.

Speaking of work…

In the next month or so, expect to see the Indurante website up and running. This is an important step for us as Indurante has previously had no web presence and it will be extremely beneficial for our clients to understand the relationship between Indurante & Associates and Swartz + Associates.

The breadth of our expertise in the property tax field will be on full display as we showcase our talents reviewing locally assessed properties as well as state assessed properties. We are uniquely positioned to assist various taxpayers, depending on their needs.

We now offer the following services for our clients:

  • Real property valuation analysis and consulting
  • Business personal property analysis and consulting
  • Business personal property annual compliance filings to the local jurisdictions
  • Business personal property annual compliance filings to the state level
  • Payment of annual property taxes through our dedicated property tax expense fund
  • Fee appraisal and valuation of machinery and equipment

As we head into the fall, please keep these services in mind. If we can be of assistance, I would welcome the opportunity to have a conversation. As always, you may contact me at .

Stay healthy, stay safe and for everyone’s sake, please follow your city and state recommendations to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus!

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