The Swartz Report: Celebrating 5 Years at Indurante & Associates, Inc.

By Donald Swartz, President

The Swartz Report: Celebrating 5 Years at Indurante & Associates, Inc.On September 17th, I will be celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the acquisition of Indurante & Associates, Inc. It’s truly incredible to believe it was almost seven years ago when I met with Pete Indurante to learn about his business and the potential compliment it would provide to the work Swartz & Associates, Inc. performs.

While change is always a little difficult, I believe the transition has been as smooth and seamless as I could have possibly hoped. Our core employee group of Noelle Giacomino, Kristen Canfield, Mark Philips and Emma Danielian remain with the company today, and it is truly their professionalism and dedication to the company that have made this what it is today.

That’s not to say the Indurante & Associates transition has not had its hiccups along the way…

Transitioning from a very simplistic paper system to becoming a virtually paperless company was a significant task. We’ve created a proprietary software program called Railmarx to further enhance our position as the recognized leader of property tax services to the railcar industry. (And there was the little car accident incident while taking an Uber to the office.)

These “highlights” have all had a significant impact on the development of Indurante. From the acquisition in 2018, to where it stands and competes today. Our client base has increased, our staff count has increased and the number of filings annually prepared has increased since the acquisition. Things are only looking brighter as we hope to secure two large fleets for the 2024 tax year and we will continue to enhance our Railmarx software to keep us executing in an efficient manner for our clients.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of the Indurante journey – all my employees with Swartz and Indurante; our clients and the respective State departments we work with to ensure accuracy and timeliness. Your input has been invaluable as I continue to learn.

The Work Continues at Swartz & Associates

Let us not forget about our Swartz appeals in progress in IA, KS, MO, CO, PA and FL (to name a few of the states in which we operate.) This has been the busiest year on record for the number of properties reviewed, number of appeals filed and tax savings generated for our clients owning commercial/industrial real estate. Our business personal property compliance practice has increased as well. Gary Stone’s practice of independent fee appraisals for Machinery and Equipment continues to expand. I’m getting dizzy just writing about all these activities!

We will continue to serve and represent our clients in the manner they have learned to expect, and we look forward to a strong finish to 2023 and an active 2024 review.

As always, I am so appreciative of your business and the feedback you provide.
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