The Swartz Report: Celebrating 10 Years!

By Donald Swartz, President

Celebrating 10 Years!If you are a user of LinkedIn, you may have seen the pop up messages, “Congratulate Don Swartz on ten years at Swartz & Associates” or something to that effect. LinkedIn stole my thunder, as I wanted to make the big announcement, but I guess I needed to post this BEFORE June 1st 😊

So many thoughts racing through my head over the past few months; I swear it seems like yesterday when I invited friends, who I greatly respected for their work in the business community and as business owners, to create an Advisory Board for my new company, Swartz & Associates. I remain friends with all of them today and will be ramping up the Advisory Board to help navigate the next ten years.

I was convinced we could survive and thrive, but to believe I would have 14 employees today across two companies; an established presence in the Kansas City area, Las Vegas, Iowa, Southern California and most recently, Texas??? Not a chance.

The Swartz + Associates Team
The Swartz + Associates Team

Celebrating the highs and lows.

But here we are celebrating the highs and also tempered and saddened by the lows.

Even as a small company, we are not immune to end of life sorrow that has touched employees and employee’s families. We have had more than our fair share of grieving these past years including this past week, yet everyone remains resilient and connected. I am very proud of the group we have put together representing Swartz + Associates and Indurante. They are dedicated to our work, dedicated to our clients and dedicated to making sure the next ten years will be even better than the previous.

This is my opportunity to thank them openly for their efforts. We would not be celebrating if not for them and their commitments – they truly inspire me.

The Indurante Team

The Indurante Team

Everyone has an important role.

My goal is to continue to make these companies an environment where everyone feels they have a role and plays a part in our success. No one is too big and certainly, no one is too small. Everyone is a difference maker, even when they don’t realize the impact they’re making on others. Often, I lose sight of this, but I promise to keep trying.

I also promise to continue to communicate with not only our clients, but the jurisdictions we work with throughout the year. The greatest compliments we receive are generated from various counties and or state taxing authorities who never question the integrity of our work. I hope our clients feel the same way. If not, I want to know – I will continue to make myself accessible via phone or email.

I will soon be approaching my 39th year in the industry, and I’m as excited about work today as I’ve ever been.

Thank you to our clients, our friends, the community at large
and most importantly my staff that makes this all happen.

As always, please let me know your thoughts – or .

David, Keith and Don Swartz

David, Keith and Don Swartz

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