The Swartz Report: Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

By Donald Swartz, President

Earlier this month I posted an interview involving David Swartz and the review/appeal of commercial real estate valuations in Iowa. I have posted the introduction and podcast below –

For the interview you’ll meet David Swartz who, along with his brother, operates Swartz and Associates. Their skill is to successfully appeal commercial property tax assessments and their record for winning is pretty amazing. How and why? We asked and David answered. To hear that conversation click the link below:

Podcast: Help Challenging Commercial Property Taxes? Meet David Swartz

AI in the Workplace

The Swartz Report: Artificial Intelligence in the WorkplaceLast week, David Sukenik virtually attended his first of four sessions concerning the use and power of AI in the workplace. Earlier this year, I tinkered around with ChatGPT to craft a letter to prospects as well as enhancing various job descriptions.

As I enter my 38th year in the review of property tax assessments, it is truly amazing how the use of technology has changed how we work. Podcasts? Hubspot? AI, ChatGPT? Better late than never!

So, What’s next?

I’ve realized being resistant to change is not a viable strategy. We cannot allow ourselves to be set in our ways; to do things the way “we have always done them” or discount ideas because they have never been attempted before.

I have mentioned to my employees my role in the coming years is to focus on strategic thinking. I believe I’ve been better about delegating various day-to-day responsibilities (although you would probably have to ask my team members to get their opinions on this 😊). I know I have a long way to go but have confidence in everyone and their abilities to best represent our clients in the review of valuations across all spectrums – business personal property, fixed asset valuations, commercial real estate, private rail cars and yes, residential valuations (as warranted).

Removing myself from these day-to-day activities will allow me to continue to move the Indurante and Swartz businesses forward, ensuring our employees have the opportunity to develop their careers with the companies. Bringing an internal business developer into the mix was a concern of mine for many years. When the right opportunity presented itself, we made the decision to move forward. The success has been so notable that we added another business developer into a new market.

Back to AI…

While the above team updates are not examples of new technology, the changes do represent risk, the ability to adapt and the results we can achieve when we embrace change. In my opinion, the use of AI is the next great tool to enhance our business and the way we handle our work and processes. Instead of fearing what AI may take away, I would like to embrace AI technology and see how it helps us grow.

And yes, the featured image for this blog post was generated by MidJourney, an AI that specializes in image creation.

Though I definitely do not plan to spend the next 38 years redefining and growing the business, please know I have a few ideas that I would like to see happen in the next 5-10 years. I have never been more excited to embrace the future. I look forward to sharing this continued journey with you!

As always, I appreciate your feedback and comments.  or .

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