The Swartz Report: Growing Up, Adding New Clients, Property Tax Bills Are Coming

Post written by Donald Swartz, President and Principal at Swartz + Associates, Inc. | Lover of Chiefs, Royals and golf | Avid “Cruiser” | Poker Enthusiast

Don Swartz

Soon I will be driving my daughter back to school (or maybe I already have by the time you read this) for her sophomore year of college. Her first day of school will also represent her first day of her 20’s. Earlier this summer, we discussed the aspect of “growing up” when you reach the end of your teen years and what responsibilities go along with a person entering their third decade of life.

But what exactly does this mean? Drinking legally? (next year, OF COURSE)

Being responsible for your actions?  (Hopefully, there are already a few years under her belt)

Working hard in school?  (Not an issue) 

Being accountable to yourself and others? Ah, now that’s a biggie!!

I’ll focus on the last one, since that holds true in all aspects of life; work, private, religious, etc – how we project ourselves and our accountability to others can clearly define you as one moves forward in the world. My wife and I have attempted to be strong role models for both of our kids by our commitment to our work; by actively involving ourselves in the community (philanthropically, religiously and socially) and probably most importantly, by not taking ourselves too seriously.

I hope she sees the substance behind our goofiness and recognizes the challenges and absolute joys she will encounter over the next 10 years. But for now, we’ll just worry about trying to enjoy our 2 day road trip back to school – after all, she’s still a teenager!!


Well, it’s not new to those who follow the Kansas City Sports scene, but it sure is an exciting time to be here. The Royals are dominating the American League, training camp and the preseason is underway for the Chiefs, and SportingKC recently won in dramatic fashion twice in the same week. Pretty exciting indeed.

And yet, somehow there’s still time to get a little work done in between. 🙂

At Swartz & Associates, we’re excited to have recently engaged new clients who have allowed us to represent their interests. Two of these clients are out of state; one who recognized our expertise in the manufacturing arena and another who has a portfolio of property in town and wanted our local knowledge to represent their interests.

Needless to say, I appreciate their confidence to allow us to be their representative and look forward to building these relationships going forward.


Governmental jurisdictions are finalizing (or may have just finalized) their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year and that means property tax bills are to follow!  Pay attention to the tax bills you will be receiving as several jurisdictions offer discounts for early payment. 

Take time to determine if it’s in your best interests to take advantage of the discounts offered or to wait and make your payments at a later date. We would be happy to discuss your property tax situation and help you navigate the decision making process.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. If you have questions about anything in this post or if you’d like me to cover other topics in future posts, please email or call me at or 913-766-8761.

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  1. Randy Kancel
    Randy Kancel says:

    Don ,
    Thanks for your posts on LinkedIn. Always nice to hear how you and the family are doing. Our daughter, Mary Katherine, just turned 20 as well! Wow, where did the time go?


    Randy Kancel


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