The Swartz Report: Father’s Day Reflections

Don SwartzPost written by Donald Swartz, President and Principal at Swartz + Associates, Inc. | Lover of Chiefs, Royals and golf | Avid “Cruiser” | Poker Enthusiast

As I reflected upon this past Father’s Day, I wanted to take a few minutes to acknowledge the role my father has played in my life. Knowingly or unknowingly he’s influenced the way I interact with people in a professional and social environment.

As a small business owner during my childhood and high school years, my father worked many hours over the course of a week, but always made it a point to attend all school related activities involving me and my brother.

As a retailer, he was constantly interacting with customers; helping them find items, working through payment options and providing personal service if home delivery was necessary.

Of course, as an owner, the issue of cash flow, payroll and employee management are components I never appreciated growing up. Instead, I was interested in the latest model rockets, Sizzlers and board games.  Who knew there was a management to this process?

As I find myself leading a similar life, I hope I’m incorporating the same skills my father possesses; a good work ethic, treating all people with respect and courtesy, active in making the community (religious and civic) a better place; maintaining a work- life balance and most importantly…FAMILY FIRST. So far, I think I’m on the right path.

Don and DadHappy Father’s Day, Dad – I couldn’t ask for a greater role model or father.

A few other things of note –

Swartz + Associates, Inc. now has three years in the books! As we start our fourth year of business under my name, we continue to grow and serve the needs of our clients.

Thank you to those who have been with us over the years and have stayed during the transition. 2017 is a reassessment year in several states where we have clients, so this has been a busy six months and should remain active for the balance of the year.

For those with properties in Jackson County (Kansas City, MO), please note that although the informal appeal deadline has passed, if you’re interested in appealing your 2017 valuation, the formal appeal deadline to the Board of Equalization is July 10.

As always, if you should have any questions regarding property tax valuations, regardless of the location, please contact me at  or call our office at (913) 766-8777.

Our knowledge, experience and relationships extend across the country and we would be glad to assist you!

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  1. Dad
    Dad says:

    Dom,,I am touched by your meaning and remembrances relative to Father’s Day. Some say that it was created because Mother’s Day existed and “gee, don’t you think we ought to recognize the dads as well?” Well, maybe they had a points but as it relates to to your blog, the greatest Father’s Day gift to me is the way my relationship to my two outstanding sons has been and remains into both of your lives.




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