The Swartz Report: Daddy-Daughter trip 2.0, Baldwin Denim, and More!

Don SwartzPost written by Donald Swartz, President and Principal at Swartz + Associates, Inc. | Lover of Chiefs, Royals and golf | Avid “Cruiser” | Poker Enthusiast

As I mentioned in my last blog in August, taking my daughter back to college, Round 2, occurred a few weeks ago.  It was another fabulous trip of quality time and unexpected twists and turns along the way. For example, who would’ve thought the drive from St. Louis to Indianapolis would’ve included the musical Hamilton blaring through our speakers? (Ok, anyone who knows my daughter won’t be surprised by that revelation!)

In a complete twist of irony, last month I wrote, “…we’ll just have to see where the wind takes us!” Well, the winds took us to the largest outdoor wind chime in the country (How funny is that?), the largest outdoor rocking chair (too big to take a picture) and the largest golf tee.

largest golf teeA big “thank you” to the Casey, IL country club for allowing us to go through their pro shop and onto their course for some quality picture taking time. We also made quick stops in Terre Haute, IN and were able to get a glimpse of the “Larry the Legend” statue (that’s Boston Celtics great Larry Bird for you non-sports fans) and the not-so-hallowed grounds of Indiana State University. All in all, it was another great trip and more terrific memories.

Great Pairings in History

If someone were to ask you about great pairings in history, what’s your first thought? Ketchup and mustard? Oil and vinegar? Bacon, lettuce AND tomato? How about Baldwin Denim meets Swartz and Associates?  Take a moment and try to picture hip, trendy, sexy Baldwin denim clothing lines with….yep, property tax consultants. Now we’re talkin’.

My good friend and Swartz & Associates Advisory Board member, Joyce Hrinya, is currently involved with Baldwin and their corporate headquarters is located in our neighborhood. Due to unusual circumstances, Baldwin is in temporary need of additional conference room space and Joyce thought we would be the perfect answer. I was happy to assist in any way possible so if you see me stylin’ the latest denim fashion, just know I’m doing my part to help promote business. Maybe I will be the inspiration for a new Executive business line of denim? Click here to learn more about Baldwin Denim.

And finally….

Larry the LegendI recently attended a seminar in Kansas City focused on building value in my business. Presented by Shawn Kinkade and Chris Steinlage of Aspire Business Development, 20+ business owners met to learn and discuss the components necessary to add value.  “What am I doing correctly and where can I improve?”
I found the seminar to be very informative and will be implementing a few of the strategies I learned in my business in the months ahead. I anticipate the results over the long term will be very positive and will keep you apprised of what I learn over the next year. My thanks to Mic Johnson at Blue Gurus for recommending the seminar.

I look forward to next month’s blog after my return from Las Vegas and the 2016 MinExpo. As always, I appreciate your business and the opportunity for you to spend a few minutes of your day with me.

If you have questions about your property valuations, email me at  or call our office at (913) 766-8777.

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